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Baby Compress Cold / Colic Relief

Baby Compress Cold / Colic Relief


A natural solution for easing colic pain in babies. It is packed with the goodness of Ajwain, Flaxseeds and other herbs that soothes a baby's discomfort and effectively decongests.

  • 100% PLANT-BASED, free from toxic chemicals and contaminants. 
  • TRADITIONAL AYURVEDA Inspired by timeless traditional sleep support for babies.
  • HYGIENIC; removable, washable cotton cover
  • How to use

    After removing the outer cover, place the bib in microwave with a glass of water for a minute and slip it back in cover. Check the warmness before placing it around neck-chest area of the baby. Can be used as frequently as desired according to baby's comfort.

  • Ingredients

    • Ajwain (Bishop's Weed)


      Ajwain is the time tested Ayurvedic remedy for all kinds of pain, colic and digestive discomforts in babies.


    • Flaxseed


      Flaxseeds have a sharp vata balancing action that helps to provide an immediate relief in pain.3


    • Bloating Relief


      Helps to relieve bloating and stiffness in stomach muscles with Ajwain. 


    • Congestion Relief


      Provides instant relief from cold, cough, stuffy nose and chest congestion with the sharp aroma of Ajwain and Flaxseeds.

  • Muggle Mom Tips

    Muggle Mom Recommends that you do not heat the first two times and use it directly. For new born babies you may use it near them and not directly. Do not tie the strings to hang from the neck, rather use it as a pillow on the chest and back. 

    Do watch the reel on isntgram for more details or contact use for a link.

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