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Breathe Easy (Cold/Sinusitis Eye Mask)

Breathe Easy (Cold/Sinusitis Eye Mask)


• Fast relief
• Safe and effective
• 100% Natural- External herbal therapy
• Great Value- Reusable and lasts for months
• Comfortable - Ergonomically designed
• Hygienic- Removable, washable cotton cover
• Proven and recommended by Doctors

  • How Does It Work ?

    The sinus eye mask heals by decongesting the sinus passages around the eyes and temples. The
    healing aroma clears passages making breathing easier along with deep relief and relaxation.

  • Ingredients

    The eye mask cum sinus compress is filled with a proprietary combination of aromatic healing herbs
    such as Lavender and Chamomile, carefully selected therapeutic grade essential oils and oil-rich
    premium quality Flaxseeds. Ergonomically designed to contour fit your face and offer targeted pain

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