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Calm Reed Diffuser

Calm Reed Diffuser


• Relieves stress
• Creates an ideal mood for relaxation, meditative practice, and yoga.
• 100% safe – No DPG or harsh chemicals
• Pure aroma – 100% natural fragrances
• Therapy grade – No alcohol or synthetic thinners
• Long lasting effect – more than alcohol-based diffusers
• Ideal packaging– high-quality glass bottle
• Easy-to-Use
• Eco-friendly

  • Ingredients

    100% pure diffuser oil of Jasmine. Contains 0% alcohol, DPG or other toxic chemicals

  • How To Use

    • Place reed diffuser on a flat surface and insert reed sticks in the glass bottle filled with diffuser oil.
    • After a few minutes turn the reeds over to expose oil moistened part to air.
    • Place reeds in the shape of a fan.
    • Wait a few hours for reeds to absorb and disperse the aroma throughout the room.

  • Precautions

    • Do not fill or mix with water or other oils.
    • Do not use any other type of stick or reed because they will not absorb the fragrance.

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