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Detox Bronze/ Kansa Wand

Detox Bronze/ Kansa Wand


• Pure Kansa – Only Copper and Tin. No Zinc or Cheap Metals
• Natural Detox – Aids Lymphatic drainage
• Natural Facelift – Uplift saggy skin
• Unique design 2-in-1 Massager
• Eliminates toxins & promotes relaxation
• Strengthens nerves & restores health

  • How To Use

    Dab a little oil on the soles of the foot and rub with the Kansa (bronze) massager till soles turn black
    (indicates the presence of toxins). Massage for at least 10 minutes on each foot and wipe off with a
    cotton cloth when done. Use Omved's Daily Night foot oil or Organic Sesame or Coconut oil, for a
    foot massage. Use Omved's Sudyuti Oil or any of our face moisturisers for a mini facial.

  • Cautions

    When acids are released from the body in conjunction with Kansa, it sometimes has a greying effect
    on the skin. It washes off easily.

  • Ingredients

    Two pure kansa cups made from supremely high content of Copper (79%) alloyed with tin (21%).
    Sustainable wood handle, designed for comfortable grip.

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