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DIY Playmat

DIY Playmat

  • Fabric - Canvas
  • 2-in-1: It’s a toy storage bag that doubles as a colouringmat.
  • Time saving - Just pull the drawstrings and everything is packed without wasting time on finding that little piece.
  • Grafitti design - The mat is doodled with designs all over and kids can colour, wash and repeat with washable felt pens making it extremely fun for them.
  • Big Size: The size of the mat is 143 cm offering plenty of space for your kids to spread out their toys and play.
  • Easy - Its portable, hardwearing design also makes it the perfect toys storage sack for the beach, the park, holidays or trips to visit friends and family.
  • Washable: Hand-wash or cold machine-wash. Better to hand wash to keep it more long lasting.




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