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First Word of Positivity

First Word of Positivity

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There are 33 front and back printed laminated cards. 26 alphabets + 7 emotion cards. These cards are designed for kids 0-5 year olds and can be used in multiple ways. details on how to use is included in the set.Affirmations help children build positive self image and confidence.The right choice of words with them plays a great role in their development.You can use these cards as a night ritual for baby talk, you can have 5 mins of reading out loud and you can also teach them alphabets through this, introduce them to different colours.The designing is done including all things they see on daily basis so the images can help them with familiarity and relatability.U can use these in multiple ways but remember the main intention is to empower them to feel good, for them to develop a positive self imageSo its not to learn but to actually instill in them the vocabulary of positivity for themselves and those around themSo the more u recite, engage in daily conversation, make it a habit to pick one card out of all etc, they’ll like affirmations.
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