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Hair Beader & Jewelry Box

Hair Beader & Jewelry Box



A hair styling kit with a braider and beads is an absolute must-have for a fashionable, extraordinary look. The braiding machine makes it very easy to thread the beads onto the strands of hair. Thanks to a little imagination and creativity, you can create unique, crazy hairstyles and stand out from the crowd. The set will also provide great fun with a friend, mother, sister or grandmother.

- threading machine,
- stringing beads,
- colorful springs,
- beads for fastening,
- elastic string,
- comb,
- closed box with compartments.

Box dimensions: approx. 21 cm x 17.5 cm x 3 cm


5 +

The device works without the use of batteries.

A creative set of colorful hair ornaments will be a great way to use your child's free time.


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