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Multifunctional a4 Size Clip File with Board

Multifunctional a4 Size Clip File with Board


About this item

  • Form Holding Equipment: SlimMate plastic storage clipboard comes with a premium low-profile clip. The snap closure of office clipboard helps to keep any form or document steadily attached and is ideal when someone wants a smooth, steadfast flow throughout writing
  • Office Supplies Applications: ideal for industrial, transportation, medical, public safety, government office authorities. Ideal clipboard for office goers, students, working professionals
  • Office Clipboard Material: clipboard has been engineered with high-quality polypropylene and it helps to keep the material or papers from getting indented or impact. Saunders Clipboard features a transparent body that gives clipboard a better appearance
  • User Friendly Saunders Office Product: clipboard with storage compartment is easy to use and ensures a lightweight construction. Travel friendly clipboard can easily be carried
  • Durable Recordkeeping Clipboard: ensures a long-lasting use and the recordkeeping equipment. The relaxed single-handed interaction with 3/4" storage compartment that can secure a pad of paper, documents, writing instruments and other small materialsVVVVVV
  • Description:

    Recycled Plastic paper document Storage Clipboard is perfect for organizing your paper, ensuring a clean and arranged desk.

    - Clipboard with dual tray storage is made with high quality polypropylene that helps to keep away indentation on the clipped material.

    - Comprising a premium low-profile clip, clipboard by MOHAK is ideal for recordkeeping and making sure that your documents are safe.

    - This polypropylene clipboard is easy to use and is portable, so you can carry it to school, college or office.

    - Ergonomically designed, this office supply is durable and lightweight while endowing a smooth writing surface.

    Package included:

    - 1 x Paper Storage Clip Boar

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