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Organic Baby Nest- Deer

Organic Baby Nest- Deer


Our organic baby nests are the most comfortable, lightweight, multi-purpose and one of our most adorable products! They come with cushioning on all sides so your baby is protected at all times. It is the best option while co-sleeping with the baby as the sides of the baby nest protect them from rolling over. It comes with an optional toy arch that keeps your little one busy once they’re awake!

Our baby nests are very easy to carry and travel friendly. It can be used around the house for naptime, play time or tummy time. It has a distinct shape that comforts the baby and it is also easy for you to manage as it comes with a machine washable waterproof mat.

Our baby nests are the perfect fit for babies from birth to around 8 months old. Once your little bub starts growing, the ties at the bottom can be opened to adjust the size.

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