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Pain Relief (Elbow/Knee Wrap Compress)


• Fast relief
• Safe and effective
• 100% Natural - External herbal therapy
• Great Value - Reusable and lasts for months
• Hot Compress - Soothes aches and pains
• Cold Compress- Reduces swelling
• Comfortable - Ergonomically designed
• Great Value- Reusable and lasts for years
• Adjustable- Customized according to size and pressure
• Proven and recommended by Physiotherapists and Orthopedic

  • How Does It Work ?

    When warmed, it relaxes muscles, stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, helps increase
    range of motion, and reduces stiffness in painful joints. You may also freeze this hot-cold neck wrap
    to reduce inflammation, and swellings by slowing the rush of blood to the aggravated joints.

  • Ingredients

    A proprietary herbal blend of healing botanicals and grains, filled in a pure cotton cover. Designed to
    mould to the shape of your body and offer targeted pain relief.

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