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Pain Relief ( Neck, Shoulder, Chest Wrap Compress)

Pain Relief ( Neck, Shoulder, Chest Wrap Compress)


• Fast relief
• Safe and effective
• 100% Natural - External herbal therapy
• Great Value - Reusable and lasts for months
• Hot Compress - Soothes aches and pains
• Cold Compress- Reduces swelling
• Comfortable - Ergonomically designed
• Great Value- Reusable and lasts for years
• Adjustable- Customized according to size and pressure
• Proven and recommended by Physiotherapists and Orthopedic

  • How Does It Work ?

    When warmed or cooled, this evenly weighted and ergonomically designed, pain relief wrap
    releases the healing aroma of natural herbs to soothe any discomfort. When warmed, it soothes
    tensed muscles, eases chest congestion, stimulates circulation and relaxes the body and mind. You
    may also freeze this hot-cold neck wrap to reduce muscular pain, inflammation, and swellings.

  • Ingredients

    A proprietary combination of aromatic healing herbs, carefully selected therapeutic grade essential
    oils and oil-rich premium quality grains, filled in a pure cotton cover. Designed to mould to the shape
    of your body and offer targeted pain relief.

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