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Seekh From Day One

Seekh From Day One

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Seekh is divided into 6 sections, with 72 cards each one helping a different part of your child's brain develop and grow. These sections capture and aim to enhance different touchpoints of a child’s cognitive capabilities- such as At First Sight, Count Up, Touch and Feel, Building Blocks, Let’s Read and Link Up. Let us look at the product section wise:


Inspired by energising sacred geometry, each card has its own complexity and gives the
child something different to look at, keeping their attention intact and helping them develop
new neural connections. The three colours used are primary colours that are the first colours
that a child can see after just seeing in black in white. 

The dots on our cards symbolize quantities so instead of associating the number with how its
written down the child will associate the number with its quantity strengthening their logical
reasoning and understanding 

Each flash card has a circle that has a different material like jute, velvet, sponge, sandpaper 
that the child can touch and feel. Through this contact, new-borns are able to learn about
their world, bond with their caregiver, and communicate their needs and wants. 

A character building section is included which gives the parent tips on how they can bond
with their child and at the same time instil values like curiosity and creativity within them.
This creates holistic growth, intellectual, social and emotional. 

Basic words, in the colour red as it is the most attractive to a child, the child will memorize
these words as patterns, therefore strengthening their recall capabilities as well as
strengthening synapses. 

The child will look at the shape the parent will say the word, the child will associate the
object with that particular word, creating a better sense of surrounding for the child.

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